Remember how you used to feel about music?


Hi – DC Cardwell here! And sometimes Marjorie takes a look in too. She makes her (brilliant) music in occasional short bursts of hyperactivity. I muddle along all the time with mine.

We’re always trying to get back to the feeling we had from music in our youth. So if some of our stuff sounds a little old-fashioned, that’s why.

To get straight to our songs, click on the videos below, or the music players here and on most other pages. To find out a little about our story, go to the BIO’s tab.

There’s actually quite a lot of stuff here,  so just start exploring. You can even find the lyrics and chords of a lot of our songs, if you want to have a go at them yourself. If you get lost, just click on HOME from any page and you’ll get back here! Thanks for visiting.

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