Marjorie And DC Cardwell: OMNIPOP!

Remember how you used to feel about music?

MMarjorie-DC-Cardwell-selfie-iPhone Melbourne 20120421-CP-C-Smilla-color1-SQ-400-Barjorie Cardwell and DC Cardwell here! We’re Melbourne-based singer-songwriters, both of us originally from Northern Ireland. There’s a big Beatlesque pop facet to most of our music…

But both of us draw on a huge range of influences – we love (and borrow from) classic rock’n’roll, soul, jazz, blues, reggae, swing, country… and the best pure pop from the last 100 years or so. In short, Omnipop.

We’re always trying to get back to the feeling we had from music in our youth. So if some of our stuff sounds a little old-fashioned, that’s why. We love stupid pop songs more than just about anything, but sometimes, maybe sometimes, some of our songs might get you thinking too.

WAIT A MINUTE – the BIG news is that DC’s new album, POP ART, is finally finished! The official release date is in early 2015 but if you get in quick you can get it before Christmas… QUICK!

DC's new album, Pop Art
DC’s new album, Pop Art

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