1¢ shipping WORLDWIDE on CD Baby – grab our CDs!

Yes, $0.01 shipping for three days only!

Forget about DC’s new album! (Briefly, anyway.) Apparently in America there’s this thing called CYBER-MONDAY. Who knew?

Marjorie Cardwell and DC Cardwell CDsWell, Our albums are available on CD Baby with only 1¢ shipping! That’s $0.01. Considerably less than two cents! (And it’s to anywhere in the world! I’m tempted to order some for myself!)

It lasts from December 1 through December 3, 2014 so take advantage of it while you can!

DC’s album, Some Hope is almost out of print worldwide but there are 12 discs left at CD Baby and this might be your chance to grab it. And there are 5 copies of Marjorie’s beautiful In Another World. 

And yes, click on the album titles above to go to the order pages! Easy 🙂

And, one more thing – a WEBCAST real, real soon! Like… REAL soon!

Yup, DC’s doing a webcast at an unusual time. Tuesday evening (2nd Dec) in the US/Canada, Wednesday morning (3rd) Australia. Somewhere in between in Europe. Hope he has time for his morning coffee! Details and a countdown timer at dccardwell.com/webcast (or just click the WEBCAST tab on this website) so we hope to see you there!

Oh, and you ARE curious about DC’s new album?

It’s called Pop Art and you can hear a couple of tracks and pre-order it at madcarrecords.com – and if you get in very quick you can get the CD before Christmas!

DC's new album, Pop Art
DC’s new album, Pop Art

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