Adobe Flash Update advises users to have a rest after installation!

“You may need to rest,” advises Adobe Flash installer

After updating my Adobe Flash I was very surprised to see this message pop up on my screen!

Well, OK, if you say so… I think I’ll have a lie down, thank you very much.

Dialog from Adobe Flash installer tells users they may need to rest!
Adobe Flash tells users they may need to rest!

By the way, you should update your Flash right away because there’s been yet another security issue with it. “The most beautiful Flash bug for the last four years”, according to a quote in this article from The Independent. Yeah, nice. And don’t forget to UNtick the box about installing McAfee Security Scan Plus before you download.

Oh, and yes, I did figure out after a few seconds what the installer was really telling me to do! But let me know your best/funniest guesses in the comments below.

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