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Ten Records That Changed My Life… REALLY changed my life.

Ten records that changed my life

Yesterday a Facebook friend of mine, Bill Mallonee, posed the following question: “10 life changing records. (I know! It’s impossible!) Don’t over think it.” Well, you know what? I did over-think it. I felt that if you’re going to describe something as life-changing it had better be something that really did have some concrete effect on your existence.

Gift Ideas for Christmas: Buy Indie Artists’ CDs!

Marjorie Cardwell and DC Cardwell CDs

You truly are “supporting the arts” if you purchase CDs from people like us.

How Social Networking Has Been A Game Changer For Musicians

DC Cardwell's Tom Song in Myspace player - screenshot from August 2007

I believe that social networking has had the most profound impact on the relationship between musician and listener since the twin-pronged technological advances of recording and broadcasting in the early 20th century.

Marjorie Cardwell creates beautiful animated iPad music video for her song “Hole In My Head”

Marjorie Cardwell - Hole In My Head - video thumbnail

There’s a brand new video for Marjorie’s beautiful song “Hole In My Head!” And she’s made the most gorgeous animation on her iPad to illustrate the song.

George Harrison in Graphite and Vinyl – from Marjorie’s archives

George Harrison by Marjorie, 1977

Marjorie was a huge fan of George Harrison… Here’s a nice portrait she drew of George for her ‘O’ Level Art submission.

DC Cardwell’s “I Am Still The Same” video at US film festivals

Postcard for DC Cardwell, David McGorlick music video I Am Still The Same

“I Am Still the Same”, the remarkable video for DC Cardwell’s award-winning song, has been selected for the 2012 SoCal Independent Film Festival!

♪♫ MUSIC AT THE MISSION ♫♪ – DC Cardwell & Victor Stranges live in Melbourne Docklands 22nd March, 2013

Mission To Seafarers-Melbourne-DC Cardwell-Victor Stranges-20130322-Montage

Victor Stranges & DC Cardwell at the launch of this cozy & cool (yet historic) new venue in the Docklands heartland of Melbourne…

Richard Briers (1934 – 2013) / Bob Godfrey (1921 – 2013)

Richard Briers as Tom Good from the Good Life

I was saddened to hear that the very wonderful Richard Briers passed away on 17th February 2013…

Nice review of my “In Another World” album in Germany’s Folker Magazine

Positive Review of Marjorie Cardwell's "In Another World" album, in Germany's Folker Magazine, January 2013

Brief but glowing review in Folker magazine There’s a nice review of my album in Folker magazine out of Germany this month! It translates, roughly, as follows: “A Northern Irish woman, now living in in Australia, Marjorie has a great voice, and starts this cathartic album with the soul-stirring, un-self-pitying “Hole in My Head”, in […]

Merry Christmas! Plus new videos and a gift for you (OK, it’s just an mp3, but hey…) [Newsletter 24 Dec 2012]

Youtube-Thumbnail-I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day-DC Cardwell

DC’s cover of the famous, and very moving Christmas carol, “I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day” which he just finished yesterday. Actually, Samuel did half of the work – he plays bass and drums and also the amazing guitar solo. The aim was to make it sound like The Byrds and whether or not that was successful overall, Samuel’s solo is a dead ringer for Roger McGuinn!

The End Of the World is nigh! Come and celebrate with DC’s new eschatological song!

Some Hope-Dec-2012-End Of The World-Free Song Download

The 21st of December 2012 is the End Of The World according to the ancient Mayans. They were wrong of course, because they didn’t know squat about anything, and THEIR world ended long before 2012.

Panoramic View of Ballintoy Harbour (village of ‘Pyke’ in HBO’s Game Of Thrones TV series!)

Ballintoy Harbour from panorama series, 2009-08-11

Ballintoy Harbour is an incredibly quaint little fishing harbour on the north coast of Northern Ireland, situated between Portrush and Ballycastle. It’s located about 1 km from the small village of Ballintoy, and is reached by the steep Knocksaughey Hill road. The village was used for the fictional town of Pyke in HBO’s medieval fantasy TV series Game of Thrones.

Crowded House are the reason we’re in Australia

Crowded House, New Zealand 1995 - by Marjorie Cardwell

Marjorie and I came to the band late, not long before Together Alone came out, when I picked up Woodface somewhere on CD and we instantly realised that tracks such as It’s Only Natural and Fall At Your Feet were a kind of music we’d been yearning for but had never really managed to find…

Just Give Me Something Worth Voting For!

Obama vs. Romney 2012 US Election non-partisan poster

Just Give Me Something Worth Voting For! Non-partisan election song with video, lyrics and chords. You know it makes sense!

Noel Fielding, Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne, October 24, 2012 – review by Marjorie Cardwell

Bryan Ferry at Noel Fielding show, Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne 24-Oct-2012

Noel Fielding is a charming, ageless, delightful, clever, generous, inspired and inherently hilarious creature with the strength and stamina of an ox.

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