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Selection of our old concert ticketsI found an envelope with old concert tickets dating back to the 70s (gulp), so I rummaged around to find a few more recent ones and here’s a selection which brings back some memories!

We’ve reviewed or discussed a few of these shows in posts on this website, and perhaps we’ll write more as time goes by. It’s remarkable to see how prices have gone up over the years. We saw U2 for 3 quid in 1980! But of course, they weren’t very well known then. The Ulster Hall was less than a third full.

The surviving tickets don’t tell the whole story, but many of you will have seen more gigs in a year than we’ve seen in a lifetime. In Northern Ireland very few artists came because of The Troubles. And then, with kids and the expense of tickets, we simply couldn’t afford to go to anywhere near the amount of shows we’d have liked to. Like everyone, I’m sure, we have long list of artists that we missed and we’re now thinking, “why didn’t we got to that when we had the chance!” All those legendary blues, soul and jazz performers who are now gone.

There’s an inordinate amount of Tim & Neil Finn related gigs in our collection! Living in Melbourne and having a huge soft spot for Crowded House, and with the first Finn album “Finn” among our very favourite albums of all time, it’s hard to resist going to every Finn event which crops up! Fortunately they come in so many different shapes and sizes that one doesn’t get bored. We’ve seen Crowded House, Split Enz, ENZSO, ALT, Neil Finn solo, Tim Finn solo, Paul Hester solo, Tarmac Adam (with Nick Seymour), Liam Finn, The Australian Chamber Orchestra with Neil Finn, Pajama Club… I’ve probably forgotten some too.

I don’t think I’ve kept everything but I’m pretty sure we have some more tickets lying around in sock drawers, filing cabinets, coat pockets, the backs of sofas, the telephone table and who knows where else, so watch this space, there’ll probably be a few more to come!

You won’t find a single ticket for one of our gigs because, to tell you the truth, I don’t think we’ve ever played a gig where tickets have been made. We’re that small time!

CORRECTION: Two weeks after I set up this page I found a ticket for ONE OF OUR GIGS on a friend’s Facebook page! Marjorie and I were in a band called Towards The Light in the early 80s (along with Davy Small on bass and Nicky McWilliams on drums) and you’ll see a ticket from one of our gigs where we supported The Kingfisher Band at Portadown Parochial Hall. Don’t let the word “parochial” fool you, this was the BIG time!

Click on any ticket for a larger-than-life image and a micro-review!


I also have photos of a few of these actual shows, which I’ll get organised and online soon.

~ DC



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