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Pete Ham? Andy Pratt? Family? Patto? Ex Norwegian covers E.P. pays tribute to these classic artists.

Cover of Ex Norwegian's #TBT EP

Pete Ham? Andy Pratt? Family? Patto? Ex Norwegian covers E.P. pays tribute to these classic artists.

Ten Records That Changed My Life… REALLY changed my life.

Ten records that changed my life

Yesterday a Facebook friend of mine, Bill Mallonee, posed the following question: “10 life changing records. (I know! It’s impossible!) Don’t over think it.” Well, you know what? I did over-think it. I felt that if you’re going to describe something as life-changing it had better be something that really did have some concrete effect on your existence.

New single by Mondo Quinn (produced by me!)

My Tasmanian friend Mondo Quinn has a new double-A side single out. He recorded it at my studio a couple of weekends ago. Both songs have got his usual early-Beatles melodic verve: they’re what I believe the young people are calling “earworms“. Mondo is on lead vocals and played all of the electric guitars. I […]

George Harrison in Graphite and Vinyl – from Marjorie’s archives

George Harrison by Marjorie, 1977

Marjorie was a huge fan of George Harrison… Here’s a nice portrait she drew of George for her ‘O’ Level Art submission.

Crowded House are the reason we’re in Australia

Crowded House, New Zealand 1995 - by Marjorie Cardwell

Marjorie and I came to the band late, not long before Together Alone came out, when I picked up Woodface somewhere on CD and we instantly realised that tracks such as It’s Only Natural and Fall At Your Feet were a kind of music we’d been yearning for but had never really managed to find…

The Adjectival Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan at Slane Castle, Dublin,1984 - photos by DC Cardwell

…what it would have been like if Bob had kept using ‘The + Adjective+ Bob Dylan’ formula…

More from The Band

Treated myself to the Last Waltz Box Set today. (20% off all CDs in JB until Sunday!) Enjoyed disc 1 so far – really nice stuff that’s not on the original album or in the film.  I downloaded it years ago from N#$^%er or some such place, but it sounded really weedy and disappointing, but […]

15 albums in 15 minutes

“15 albums in 15 minutes” by DC Cardwell

Review of Neil Young at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, Australia, 28 Jan 2009

The Sidney Myer Music Bowl is a rather wonderful outdoor venue in the heart of Melbourne’s King’s Domain. A natural amphitheatre with a large stage and a covered area for those who can afford the expensive seats! For once, I paid the extra to get up close to one of my major musical heroes. I […]

DC’s Top 20 Albums

THE RULES: Think of 20 albums that had such a profound effect on you they changed your life… dug into your soul. The ones that you know backwards, forwards, up, and down, and are now a part of you. Then when you finish, tag 20 others, including me. Make sure you copy and paste this part so they know the drill.

Musical Coincidence #3

Yesterday Marjie, Samuel and I were practicing music for a party this weekend and one of the songs we played was “Halfway To Paradise” by Goffin & King, which we know from Nick Lowe‘s version. (You can hear our version at Pretty much straight after finishing our rehearsal we sat down to watch our […]


If you’re interested in nuances of sound and feel in music you might enjoy this video by Evelyn Glennie. I did! ~ DC

Larry Norman Is No Longer Visiting This Planet

[imported from Myspace] I was very saddened to hear today that Larry Norman has left us. Many millions of people have been touched by him, his music and his message over the last 40 or so years, and yet the world at large doesn’t know he existed. I have already read so many blogs that […]

Andy Pratt

Greenbelt1986-Andy Pratt-by-DC-Cardwell-1

I love a lot of his old stuff from the 70s, and I’m told that his first album from 1968 is brilliant…

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