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Merry Christmas! Plus new videos and a gift for you (OK, it’s just an mp3, but hey…) [Newsletter 24 Dec 2012]

Youtube-Thumbnail-I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day-DC Cardwell

DC’s cover of the famous, and very moving Christmas carol, “I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day” which he just finished yesterday. Actually, Samuel did half of the work – he plays bass and drums and also the amazing guitar solo. The aim was to make it sound like The Byrds and whether or not that was successful overall, Samuel’s solo is a dead ringer for Roger McGuinn!

Good News, Bad News [Newsletter 3rd July 2012]

Madcar Records-Logo-Magic-200

DC Cardwell Newsletter 3 July 2012

A small disaster & how you can help [Newsletter 4th June 2012]

DC Cardwell Youtube Avatar

Youtube has shut down all three of my channels, so all of my videos disappeared overnight!

Marjorie’s progress [Newsletter 31st March 2012]

Marjorie Cardwell's progress after brain surgery

With a very clever new hairdo you wouldn’t even know she’d had 36 staples removed from an 8-inch scar…

Marjie’s home! [Newsletter 12th Mar 2012]

Marjorie Cardwell's bandaged head after her brain surgery

Marjorie came home today, only four days after the operation, and she’s doing very well indeed…

I know it’s uncool, but I also do covers! PLUS Marjorie’s health [Newsletter 28th Feb 2012]

Paul McCartney cover by DC Cardwell - still from video

When I was young it was considered pretty naff to do cover versions…

New Beatles solo covers – check ‘em out! [Newsletter 11th Nov 20122]

DC Cardwell-Here Comes The Sun-vidcap-sq-120-thumb

People on Youtube seem to love covers so I’ve been knocking off a few…

DC’s been busy… new videos, benefit album, gigs etc! [Newsletter 8th April 2011]

DC involved in charity projects and cover versions.

DC Cardwell records with Jaymee Carpenter in LA [Newsletter 21st Jan 2011]

Jaymee Carpenter at the controls in the studio.

DC’s trip to Los Angeles to record some songs for a movie…

BIG news from DC Cardwell [Newsletter 2nd Dec 2010]

DC & Victor play Ruby's Lounge, Nov 2010, with Samuel and Chris

“How did this come about?”, I hear you ask, not unreasonably.

New song! It’s called – SOMETHING WORTH VOTING FOR [Newsletter 20th September 2008]

A non-partisan plea for the politicians, the media AND the voters to focus on the issues and not on the candidates’ personal lives.

New studio, new gear, new songs… [Newsletter 5th Jan 2008]

Edirol M-16DX Digital Mixer and Audio Interface

I’ve splashed out on a new digital interface, the Edirol M-16DX…

What’s Happening In My Life? [Newsletter #1, 8th October 2007]

DC in his new home recording studio, Oct 2007

Well, here it is: the first DC Cardwell Newsletter…

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