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One Weekend – Two Webcasts!

I just got my first (and probably last) electric 12-string guitar and I want to show it off, so I’m doing two shows this weekend – one at a time which will suit those of you in the UK & Europe, and one for the Americas!

You can see what time and day each show is on in your location by following these links and finding your location or time zone in the list:

Webcast A:

Webcast B:

And to watch the show, simply go to where you’ll also see a big countdown timer for the show that’s coming up!

Last weekend was my last show (for the time being) with Samuel, boohoo! He’s now in England about to start a teaching position. Thanks to everyone who watched and also thanks for all the kind comments both during the show and afterwards!

I’m looking forward to giving this beautiful 12-string a spin. How cool is that! I got it from DW Music in Canberra and they have been brilliant to deal with – highly recommended! 

I’d never played an electric 12-string before and to tell you the truth, I was surprised how much I enjoyed it! Perfect for certain songs such as Crowded House’s “Distant Sun”, but it’s also more versatile than I imagined it would be. [EDIT: So far the response from webcast viewers has been really positive – they all love the shimmering sound!]

Cheers! – DC

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PPS: Sometimes there are teething problems around the beginning of the webcasts as I try to get connected and look after a hundred other little things at once! If that’s the case, it’s definitely worth trying again five or ten minutes later!

First Webcasts From My New Studio!

This is my new studio! Just like the old one except bigger and arranged a little differently. And we have a little CD/LP library in the corner there… and a TURNTABLE! Can you see what the latest LP and 45 are that we’ve played?

Anyway, we had our first webcast from the studio on 21 Aug and there’ll be another one coming up soon (the last with Samuel before he heads to the UK!) coming up on 27/28th Aug (depending on your time zone) at PLEASE JOIN US

Here’s a brief clip from rehearsals – a Crowded House song, “EVerything Is Good For You”

And here’s a photo of the new studio from a perch on the sofa arm…

My new studio!
My new studio!

Back in Melbourne days!

Here’s something from my final Melbourne webcast… hope you enjoy it!

Previous Shows & News

We had our very good friend Tony Sables joining us on lead guitar for our 19 Sep 2015 webcast. Very impromptu – he came over to visit when he heard we were moving to Tasmania and we decided to do the show right away!I knew Tony was pretty handy with Beatles guitar parts so here he is on our version of George Harrison’s “Something”:

Our mutual friend Mondo Quinn was watching the show and both he and Tony had recently been to see “The Manfreds” so, as a tribute to Mondo, we did this ramshackle version of “The Mighty Quinn”…

And thanks to all who watched!

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NOTE: If you’re using an Apple iPhone or iPad the show will be full-screen ๐Ÿ™‚ but you won’t be able to enter the chat conversation ๐Ÿ™

I’ll be singing (amongst other originals and covers) songs from my new album, Pop Art. Sometimes it’s just me and sometimes I’m joined by one or both of our sons (see below>). Either way, I always have a good time, and my regular viewers always have a good time (they keep coming back!) so hopefully you will too.

Here are some videos of the show captured by the remarkably dedicated viewer Debbie, who watches the show on her TV and her computer at the same time!




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DC’s New Album, Pop Art

Well, yes, the biggest news is my new album!

DC-Cardwell-POP ART-All four panels-572 wideListen at – AND if you choose to buy it from there (best option!) you’ll get the bonus tracks and also the PDF lyric and chord books.

(If you prefer iTunes or Amazon or JB HiFi or any of the usual digital distributors you can also get it from them, but without the  extras. If you’d do, and you wish you hadn’t missed out on the extras, contact me and I’ll see what I can do!)

My Band

Our son Samuel has returned from England where he studied for his Masters Degree at Jesus College, Cambridge University. He had a brilliant time and would love to return to do his PhD if all works out, but in the meantime, it’s great to have him back, not just to join me and his brother Joel on some of my web concerts, but that’s pretty nice!

NMB Live Contest

In September 2014 I won the Numubu contest for the artist with the most web concert viewers! So thank you to everyone who helped me reach the finish line in front! I get some cool audio gear that I can definitely find a good use for ๐Ÿ™‚

How can I stay in the loop?

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How do I watch the show?

Just go to and click on Live Broadcasts – you don’t have to log in or create an account or anything!

To watch, just enter a name in the username box and press ENTER. Most people use their real names but feel free to make up a name if you want to remain anon.

After you’ve done that you can make comments in the box any time throughout the show.

If you haven’t done this before, I recommend coming along a few minutes early so that you can make sure it’s all working OK. It’s also advisable to un-tick the “Sound Effects” button (if there still is one) otherwise you’ll hear annoying beeps every time you enter a comment.

Do I have to pay?

No! My webcasts are free. (At least for the present.) They’re very casual and you don’t have to dress up either. We can’t see you! (At least for the present.)

Having said that, if you’re really generous you can make give a tip during the show, or at any time you can make a donation by credit card or paypal at the bottom right of this website.

How can I stay in the loop?

Just add your name to my mailing list HERE to be informed of future shows! And if you’re on Facebook, join the Live From DC’s group where all the viewers hang out! Cheers! DC

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